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solid natural wood pier  


               Walking on water is tough.

              Luckily, there's an easier way

                          to get to that boat of yours.

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MMCA logoSince 2008, Bay Pile Driving has been a member of the Maryland Marine Contractors Association.


This non-profit organization has the goal of promoting safety among marine construction contractors, as well as representing the interests of all stakeholders with regard to development of waterfront properties. Visit the MMCA website for more information.


Piers, Docks and Platforms

newly constructed personal pierWe can repair existing docks and piers as well as construct new ones. Our minimum piling diameter is 10". Twelve inch or Class B pilings are used in high impact areas. Pearson fiberglass pilings are an option.


Pile caps are an optional feature. We offer copper caps, plastic (flat or cone), or epoxy.


We offer a variety of choices in decking. Our standard decking is # 1 Marine Grade timber decking, and we also offer several types of composite decking. Also, you can choose between nailed or screwed decking.


For platforms, the size of your platform will depend on the width of your lot. 


setting a new floating platform bayside personal pier wth boat dock
peir walk drops onto floating platform new personal pier with white composite decking



Thanks for everything - the dock looks great.













Bay Pile Driving is fully licensed and insured in the State of Maryland.


Educated consumers are urged to beware of contractors that are not licensed and fully insured in the state in which work is being done.

A contractor should be eager to show you his license in the form of a wallet-size card, or a full-size certificate.

Take down the number and search for it online (Maryland DLLR website) to be sure it is still valid.


Also be sure to ask for a certificate of insurance for workman's compensation and liability. If your contractor does not have these,

and a worker is injured on your property, YOU could be held liable for any medical bills!

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